The Silvermine Consulting Team

Since 1990, we have established a network of professionals who jump in with both feet to deliver results and high value to our clients. When you engage Silvermine Consulting you get experienced and highly qualified consultants - with many years of business and consulting experience and advanced degrees. Some of our consultants have their own successful independent practices, and they enjoy working on the Silvermine team. We have known and worked together for many years.

Because of our flexibility we can pull together a broad range of skills very rapidly, to meet client needs. We have had major change projects with 7 team members, and smaller projects with just 2 team members.

Our Approach draws on many different disciplines, ideas and traditions including: Systems Thinking, Strategic Planning, Action Research, Native American Council models, Yoga, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Aikido and more: all with the intention to produce profound insight, learning and sustainable change in people and organizations.

Martin Strasmore

Our Team is led by Martin Strasmore with more than 30 years of business leadership, consulting, and coaching experience. His work encompasses a wide range of industries, including financial services, chemicals, engineered materials, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, forest products, steel, electronics, food service, and education. He has been a successful entrepreneur, turnaround manager, and interim executive leading a global Fortune 100 Financial Services Company. He is a resident of the US, and has lived in England, India, Germany and Brazil, and has had assignments in Europe, South America and throughout North America.

Martin has a MSM from MIT's Sloan School of Management, and a BSc (Honours) in Chemical Engineering from Manchester University (UMIST) in England. He writes poetry and is an accomplished photographer. He also co-founded an organization to reduce poverty through small, focused sustainable development projects:

Dr. Larry Bennigson

Dr. Larry Bennigson focuses on leading and implementing strategic change. Until recently he was Senior Fellow Harvard Business School Executive Education and Director for Customized leadership Programs, helping to oversee the growth of the school's custom executive development services for individual companies. He has extensive international experience, and is also a principal in Sage Partners. Larry co-authored the article "Bringing Opportunity Oversight Onto the Board's Agenda" published in March 2013 by "MIT Sloan Management Review."

Newell Eaton

Newell Eaton is a leadership coach and creative facilitator who partners with leaders and teams to build innovation cultures effective in today's complex, fast-paced environments. Newell was a leader in non-profits and state government for over 25 years, including the role of Director of Strategic Planning for the NY State Office of Children and Family Services.

Izzy Gesell

Izzy Gesell is the author of Playing Along: Group Learning Activities Borrowed from Improvisation Theater. Izzy was one of the first to bring the concepts of Improv Theater into the business world. He is often a Keynote speaker and facilitator.

Dr. Carol Gorelick

Dr. Carol Gorelick is skilled in using Systems Thinking to facilitate fundamental organizational change. Carol has a Ph.D. and MBA and is an author of "Performance Through Learning with Knowledge Management" in the Improving Human Performance series for Butterworth Heinemann. She is currently working with colleagues to improve the educational systems in South Africa and Detroit.

Paul Kwiecinski

Paul Kwiecinski is a consultant, coach and musician specializing in helping clients create unprecedented levels of achievement through vision and action based on systemic understanding and leveraging of their organization. Paul has also developed an exciting way to bring music into organizations to catalyze organizational change and transformation, see and listen (turn your volume down first) at

Lisa Kollisch

Lisa Kollisch is a facilitator and coach. She excels in leading groups through the planning process, and having fun doing it. Lisa is skilled at using holistic thinking, based on the native American council, into the process of organization change and strategy. She is fluent in French.

Curtis Watkins

Curtis Watkins is a master executive and leadership coach, and an experienced team facilitator and trainer. He is a member of the Newfield Network’s teaching staff, and teaches coaching in the US and Europe.

Claudyne Wilder

Claudyne Wilder specializes in creating presentation seminars and products. Claudyne presents on such topics as Ten Steps to Successful Presentations, and Point, Click & Wow! A Quick Guide to Brilliant Laptop Presentations. She teaches The Point, Click, & Wow! Seminar, and licenses companies to teach the seminar. She has taught presentation skills, meeting skills, management and supervisory development and negotiation skills at major corporations for the over twenty years.

Jon Vogen

Jon Vogen is focused on leadership development and coaching, team and organization effectiveness, learning and diversity in human functioning. He was a high level internal OD consultant, working internationally, for Intel for 15 years. He is based in Arizona.