Leadership attitudes, skills and behaviors

Once you are clear about the cultural values and behaviors you wish to develop, it becomes easier to express the leadership attitudes, skills and behaviors you expect your successful leaders to imbibe and demonstrate every day. A well designed leadership development program will build your leadership bench strength. Some leaders also benefit from having a coach and a confidential sounding board.

We have successfully coached CEO's of multi-billion dollar organizations, functional managers and everyone in between.

Customized leadership development

We partner with clients to design and deliver customized leadership development programs, on any scale. By combining your leadership models, our existing programs and Inscape Publishing's well-designed materials and assessments, you can have a sophisticated, tailored program with all the materials you need within a few weeks. We have found it valuable to address these domains of leadership: Personal (leading your self), interpersonal, team, and organizational leadership.

We have designed and delivered impactful programs to very large organizations, like USPS, and trained trainers to deliver them to thousands of participants. We have delivered public programs in the US and Latin America.

Executive coaching

We offer a straightforward process to work with our clients, helping them create clear development goals in-line with their organization and personal career path, identify and select specific opportunities for improvement, and implement a plan to accomplish their goals. Our unique capability is the wide range of modalities, skills and experiences we can bring to support what are often deep changes in the way leaders see themselves and perceive their world. Learning to reframe situations is a fundamental step in the coaching process.

We have successfully coached CEO’s of multi-billion dollar organizations, functional managers and everyone in between.