Cultural change

Within the vision stories we facilitate there is a description of the future state of the organization’s culture. Extracting those insights through deep conversations with the leadership team and managers clarifies the culture agenda shown in this graphic. Leaders hold each other accountable for practicing behavior changes needed to lead towards the desired culture.

Implementing a Culture Agenda

Developing High Performance Teams – Tangible demonstrations of the culture you want

We work with existing and new team leaders and teams to develop clear and challenging goals, work plans that hold people accountable and efficient and effective follow up processes. The disciplines we impart strengthen alignment and cohesion, and increase the likelihood of success. Often we use DiSC profiles to help team members better understand each others’ communication and collaboration styles. We facilitate deeper conversations so they learn new ways to listen and learn together. We then help the team select and tackle a stretch "breakthrough project" that results in both rapid learning and measurable improvements in the organization.

One of our current clients, a manufacturer of high tech construction components, has had teams fail to get results as fast as needed. Now, with on the job training for the project leaders and using Silvermine Consulting’s process, the teams are producing bottom line improvements in yield, retention of line workers, and safety.